I’m going to write about seemingly unrelated topics. My goal here is to explore education from a Marxist perspective, socialism, thoughts about what I’m reading (and watching), and general musings about life. The last bit mostly because sometimes it’s nice knowing that you can relate to someone in another part of the world. That connection, even if through a screen can be affirming.

My shit will probably be goofy. Maybe pedantic or even outright embarrassing. I’m here for it all. I’m learning and exploring. I’m going to share it. Sometimes you’ll love it. Other times you may absolutely hate it. That’s ok. The Internet is a big place.

About Gina

During the day I sit in front of a computer and create bangerz of copy and content strategy. (That may be an exaggeration.) On my personal time, I read, bike, write, contemplate, and dream I didn’t need my full-time job.


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